A new ringer has joined the ranks…

We’re extending a hearty welcome to the Coop to Carter Chambers, our nephew (Deanna’s sister’s son).  Carter has enjoyed a successful hockey career that in the last year morphed into an instantly successful speed skating season, and is interested in cross training on the bike like many of his newly established speed skating peers.  We’ve offered him the opportunity to fly the Coop flag (or more accurately we found him a couple of jerseys) and a group to identify with for as long as he wishes.

He may blog about his exploits on here, and we hope he’ll appear at some biking events this season (if that’s his desire), no doubt putting us old folks to shame in no time.

Carter, I just want you to know that even if you get better than me quickly I still (for now) have a more expensive bike, and I’ll keep buying more expensive bikes if that’s all I have to hold over you :)

We’ll try to dig up a picture to post soon as well.

Welcome Carter.

5 thoughts on “A new ringer has joined the ranks…

  1. Welcome to the Team! We look forward to meeting you. Don’t let Scott bug you…all you have to do is race and you will be a step up on him. :) Just bugging you Scott.

  2. Welcome Carter! Lori and I look forward to seeing you on the bike and at many other fitness venues. Cross-training is the key to sustained good Fitness and Fun! We love our bikes here at the TrgCoop, but ‘bike-only’ can just that … ‘only’. Your enthusiasm will be a great motivator for us too! :-)

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