Well it’s just a few days until the 2012 edition of the FortWhyte EcoChallenge.  Last year was our first year doing it as a team relay. It was darn cold (miserable really) but somehow we still had a good time. Last year the lake was still frozen (what a difference a year makes) so we started with a portage instead of a paddle.  It’ll be interesting to see how we do in the water this year, seeing as how I have really no idea of how to competitively paddle a canoe, and I’ll be doing the paddling along with the much more experienced Kara. My goal is pretty much to apply as much brawn as possible up front and hope that Kara can take care of the rest, though we did practice a bit a couple of week ago and it seemed to go well, notwithstanding that my exuberant paddling style seems to shower Kara with lake water. Thanks for your patience Ms. Dennis.

Last year we placed 3rd overall, so we hope for the win this year. I don’t mean to knock any of the competition but I think a lot of folks that come out to the event are more ‘recreational’ for lack of a better term, and are just out to have a good time but not necessarily looking to bury themselves. That’s all good. I am however looking to bury myself. This is the first competitive test of the season and I’d like to see how I measure up.

It doesn’t hurt us that the orienteering is in Bruce Park this year and that Dean, who grew up just blocks away from the park, will be doing that section. Deanna will be left to time trial the 2nd bike leg on a bike that was pretty much purpose built (albeit accidentally) for the event.

Should be fun…

3 thoughts on “EcoChallenge

  1. Best of luck to you all. Go for it!

    I not be able to cheer you on as I will be staying home and watching over Lori as she recovers from her surgery tomorrow.

  2. What’s with the Eco-Challenge and surgeries? Best of luck Lori. Like Scott said looking forward to seeing back at it again. Take care.

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